• Suppose you accept the idea of the singularity, that we’ll pretty soon come to a point where machine intelligence equals and then surpasses human intelligence (or if not pretty soon, then at some point in the f […]

  • This term gets used a lot in stats: how much of our energy is green? How much of Denmark’s or Germany’s or China’s or France’s? It depends what you consider green.
    Most people would I think imagine that green e […]

  • I watched the most frightening panorama programme I’ve ever seen just now  on the possibility of Donald Trump becoming president. Hillary Clinton may have many flaws but I think she’s very much the one on the […]

  • I suppose the question most greens would ask is why would anyone in their right mind be in favour of fracking? Haven’t they heard of climate change? (And perhaps some young greens, whilst agreeing with the […]

  • Those names don’t sound very Finnish. I just went to a talk here in Paris on nuclear where there was someone called Rauli Partanen from Finland, who’s a real person and the co-author of a book called Climate […]

  • Dear Readers

    I hope you’re both well. It’s a nice warm sunny day here in Paris, from where the big news is that there’s a significant push to increase the ambition and limit the global temperature rise to 1.5 […]

  • What were the names of the Finnish authors?

  • Not sure why I’m going. The climate talks are happening, but I don’t suppose I’ll be able to get into any of the events. I’m not planning on standing outside demonstrating either, and I think demonstrations are […]

  • Genetic modification is nothing to be afraid of. It’s just like dating. It used to be a pretty hit and miss affair. You’d show up at parties hoping to meet someone single, attractive and attracted to you. You’d […]

  • Evidence is our connection with reality. Without evidence our ideas are just prejudices floating around in a non-existent ether, a bit like Sandra Bullock in Gravity.

    Evidence is on the outside and has to be […]

  • Outbreak: The Truth About Ebola, BBC TV – 4th June 2015

    They reckon it was started by bats. Some children show the camera the tree where they found the bats. That was before people started dying, one of the […]

  • That 2 degree rise is an average over the whole planet, so that represents a lot of energy. If you talk in terms of energy rather than temperature then you can quote James Hansen saying the current rate of warming […]

  • George Marshall talks about climate deniers being more accepting of climate change than most people because at least deniers are talking about it and accepting there’s an issue there that needs to be addressed. […]

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    Yes, they all purport to desire it, but only the Greens really mean it. All the rest of them are lying. And perhaps because some people think Greens only care about plants and animals they feel they need to […]

  • Should we even be talking about it? People obviously don’t want to talk about it so maybe we should respect their wishes. Why force them to talk about something they don’t want to talk about? Everyone’s in favour […]

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