People get too hung up on labels. They have two say they’re a libertarian or a socialist or an environmentalist. Or a dark green or a deep green, a geeky green or an ecomodernist. It’s like clothing that you put on because you like the way it makes you look. For some people it’s cool […]

The fear of genetic modification

Genetic modification is nothing to be afraid of. It’s just like dating. It used to be a pretty hit and miss affair. You’d show up at parties hoping to meet someone single, attractive and attracted to you. You’d invariably be disappointed. But now, with online dating, you can browse a load of profiles, get hooked […]

Evidence and altruism

Evidence is our connection with reality. Without evidence our ideas are just prejudices floating around in a non-existent ether, a bit like Sandra Bullock in Gravity. Evidence is on the outside and has to be accessed. You have to go and get it. You can’t intuit it and it’s not just going to drop down […]

How do you talk about climate change?

Should we even be talking about it? People obviously don’t want to talk about it so maybe we should respect their wishes. Why force them to talk about something they don’t want to talk about? Everyone’s in favour of green stuff anyway so what is there to talk about? Climate change is really bad! Who […]

Climate change is UN hoax to create new world order

The Guardian drew my attention to this alarming fact recently revealed by Maurice Newman, advisor to the Australian Prime Minister. It would appear that somewhere off-limits to the non-Illiuminati there are, gathered together, evil characters plotting to enslave humanity by the simple expedient of trying to prevent greenhouse gases rendering the planet uninhabitable. If ever […]

A layperson’s observation about global warming

I have a layperson’s observation about global warming.  The projections, unless governments and scientists really get to grips with the issue, are alarming, it seems. Do you think that it’s the case that people like me tend to dismiss such a scenario as millennial (or whatever the 2015 equivalent is) and therefore too terrible to […]