I watched the most frightening panorama programme I’ve ever seen just now  on the possibility of Donald Trump becoming president. Hillary Clinton may have many flaws but I think she’s very much the one on the side of rationalism in this election. Trump could become the most powerful person in the world ffs and what can we do about it? We just have to sit by and watch it happen, hoping that it doesn’t.

I remember drafting a letter to some Ohio resident as part of the ill fated Guardian campaign to stop Bush being re-elected (but I never sent the letter). I thought that was a pivotal election, that if Bush won it would be a calamity, but here we are twelve years later and the world didn’t end, did it? I was worried that if Bush won it would be game over for the climate, and maybe one day some post-cataclysmic historian will conclude that the Bush-Kerry election of 2004 was as much a turning point for the climate as was the 2000 Bush-Gore election.

That was back in the days when we still had a chance. Now, though we do still have a chance, it’s not such a good chance. The odds are stacked against us. Those same future historians may look back on Trump’s victory in 2016 as the final nail in the climate’s coffin.

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