Koeberg nuclear power station

Ntogo tells me that at the recent Green conference he attended in Matabeleland there were fisticuffs between the pro- and anti-nuclear factions. The pro-nuclear attendees, led by two Finnish authors, initiated the turmoil by throwing chairs at the Chair, whom they accused of being in the pay of his anti-nuclear overlords, the Bodongo brothers. The pro-nuclear faction responded with acts of defenestration and name-calling.

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  1. Those names don’t sound very Finnish. I just went to a talk here in Paris on nuclear where there was someone called Rauli Partanen from Finland, who’s a real person and the co-author of a book called Climate Gamble, all about how we can’t afford to gamble the climate by putting all our eggs in one basket. Have you read it? We have to use all the baskets we’ve got, and all the eggs we’ve got, and we have to start making new baskets and laying more eggs.

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