Genetic modification is nothing to be afraid of. It’s just like dating. It used to be a pretty hit and miss affair. You’d show up at parties hoping to meet someone single, attractive and attracted to you. You’d invariably be disappointed. But now, with online dating, you can browse a load of profiles, get hooked up with the ones you like and who like you. Far more scientific, far more likely to result in a good match. I’m sure I’m not the only one looking forward to the day when there’ll be a merger of dating websites and 3-D printing technology. Compare that with the brain implants that could read your dreams and after dreaming of some leggy blonde (of whatever gender is your preference) you could wake up and go downstairs to your kitchen to find that same leggy blonde has prepared breakfast for you, and just the way you like it.

People these days walk around talking to themselves, but they’re not really mad, the majority of them. If you look closely you see they’re wearing earpieces. How long before these earpieces are inside the skull rather than outside it? How long before an earpiece would be small enough to inject into the inner ear? No need for an anaesthetic. A one-hour install, tops. That’s all.

Then the phone itself would be part of the install. You’d be able to just think of someone an you’d be in contact with them. If you wanted to, depending on the software you have installed. Open operating systems would allow contact with anyone at a very low threshold – a passing thought might be enough. Or you could go for something closed, more private. These operating systems would all be configurable. You could set them to varying degrees of openness or closedness in a variety of ways.

One of the underlying fears of GM is the fear that we’ll genetically modify ourselves. We will become something else. That’s always been the fear when something new has come along. Movies / TV / video games are corrupting the minds of our young. They’re changing us. Our children are not like we were, climbing trees running and skipping through luscious green meadows, etc..

But if we can see them as our children, even if they are the products of DNA generating algorithms, if we can love them as we would our own flesh and blood, even when they’re not, then we would have moved beyond being flesh and blood beings, we would be the pattern, or the algorithm, or the computer code.

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