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A green with a small g is someone who is environmentally friendly or concerned about the environment. An environmentalist. Green with a capital G though refers to a member of a Green party. According to Wikipedia

Green politics is a political ideology that aims to create an ecologically sustainable society rooted in environmentalism, non-violence, social justice, and grassroots democracy.

Either type of green/Green is welcome on this site, so long as they’re also a geek. Again, according to Wikipedia, a geek is

an expert or enthusiast or a person obsessed with a hobby or intellectual pursuit

though it says there’s also the pejorative meaning of

peculiar or otherwise dislikable person, esp[ecially] one who is perceived to be overly intellectual

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being peculiar and it’s not possible to be overly intellectual, and worrying about whether or not people like you is very ungeeky.

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    • Yes, they all purport to desire it, but only the Greens really mean it. All the rest of them are lying. And perhaps because some people think Greens only care about plants and animals they feel they need to emphasize that they care about people as well.

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